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Embedded SNMP version 2c Agent

Administrates your network

 Fully written in ANSI C
 Highly optimized
 Reentrant and ROMable
 Fast and reliable
 Polling or RTOS mode
 Small code footprint
 No CPU/OS dependencies
 No need to buy ASN.1 compiler
 Builds and parses all PDUs
 Builds and walks trough the MIB
 Adds new MIB modules
 Defines new related objects
 Royalty free
 Source code or library

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Product Information

The architectural model of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a collection of network management stations and network elements. The network management stations execute management applications which monitor and control network elements. Network elements have management agents responsible for performing the network management functions requested by the network management stations. The SNMP manager and SNMP agent manage Management Information Bases, so-called MIBs, which are seen as collections of managed objects.

The communication of information between the SNMP manager and the SNMP agent is realized through the exchange of protocol messages. The descriptions of the protocol messages and the MIBs are represented according to the ASN.1 language.

NexGenSNMPv2 provides an SNMP library that enables the creation of an SNMPv2c agent in different application contexts. The SNMP library defines all SNMPv2c-related information. In particular, it generates and parses SNMPv2c PDUs, it provides a function to send "Trap" messages, it implements MIB-2 support (associated with the NexGenIP® TCP/IP stack), and it provides generic mechanisms to navigate through a MIB.

Please check the supported architectures.

More features can be viewed following this link.

Some technical papers can be downloaded here.

Programming and porting manuals are included and specification and implementation guides are available on request. A test suite to stress your port is also supplied.

Source code or binary library
Royalty free